Help Your Kids Learn Chinese

I know the number of foreign families in Hohhot is small, and those of us with both parents being non-Chinese is even smaller. But for the few of us, helping our kids learn Chinese is more difficult than we imagined it would be. Living here they don’t “just pick it up” and our oldest daughter especially has been reluctant to attempt to use Chinese.

Recently, we’ve been letting our girls watch these videos on youtube made by Sesame Street and they’ve responded better to them than to anything else we’ve tried.

Maybe all you other parents thought to search on youtube long ago for resources for kids to learn Chinese, but I hadn’t thought of it until recently. There were other options, but the Sesame Street ones have worked the best for us so far.

What methods have you tried to help your kids learn Chinese? Are they going to local school? Do you have a private tutor? What’s working and what’s not?



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