Health Screening

If you’re a foreigner here with a residence card as a student or employee, you’ve been to the ONE location in Hohhot where you have to get your annual health screening in order to renew your permit.
I had to go today and quite a bit was different than before. I got there just before 8:30 (opening time) and the front gate is still closed and the front entrance looks like this:

There guard motions me to a small door to the right. There’s  a sign on the door that said to go to Room 401. It’s just a few minutes before 8:30 and there are exactly 0 employees in the building. 4 of us are waiting outside the room but no staff or doctors or anyone was there. And then at 8:30 or a few minutes after, they showed up.

And sure enough, they are giving physicals, they just don’t show up to work one minute before start time.
And, the check in window area is boarded up, so you check in at room 401.





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