Have Running Water?

You may not for a day. Hohhot’s water division will be stopping service to various areas of the city to repair lines.
Tomorrow (4.17) it will be off near Xing An Road, Dong Ying South Road, Wu Lan Chu Bu Road which is the area around Victory City Mall (mo er cheng), south, and west.

The next date is 4.21 and will affect areas near Hailar Road and Tong Dao North Road.

I’ll translate the next locations are they get closer.


and here’s the update:

Here is the link to the chart in Chinese. I can’t get it to display correctly, but here are the next few dates and locations where water service will be turned off:

4/24 a section in the south of the city west of Xilingol Road and north of the south second ring road

4/25 water turned off along Hailar Road and Genghis Khan Road

4/28 water turned off in a western section of the city near Hailar Road, Tong Dao Road, and north of the south second ring road




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