Happy Women’s Day

The Air China Phoenix Hotel’s Sunshine Coffee House has some great deals for Women’s Day. If you’re a woman, check these out to save some money! Actually, I think the last one applies to men too:

  • March 1-9, any woman who makes a reservation in advance gets a 35% discount.
  • If your birthday is also in March, you can eat half price!
  • If you follow the Phoenix’s wei xin/wechat before the 9th, you get a coupon to enjoy the buffet for 99 RMB!  (nmguohang)

Here’s the link to the original language and their weixin information:  Air China Phoenix Hotel Women’s Day Specials

Do you know of other specials for Women’s Day? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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  1. Bucktooth says:

    The secret is to get your wife or girlfriend (depending on your marital status) to register and then you can take her on a HOT date there! I think I’d be pretty happy at 99 for their buffet.

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