Happy Valentine’s Day, Hohhot!

If you plan on celebrating by eating out at an upscale restaurant, be prepared to pay more than normal. Most restaurants will have only a “set menu” or choices of set menus instead of their usual offerings. The offerings are typically great, just don’t show up to a place you know and love and expect the same dishes you normally order.

If you need some suggestions for a date, we wrote a post some time back with some suggestions.

Also, there’s an international site for searching date ideas/locations called westilldate.com and believe it or not, there are entries and suggestions for Hohhot.

If you haven’t made any plans to celebrate, don’t worry. You’ll have another chance in August. Today is Western holiday for lovers, but the Chinese also have a traditional holiday to celebrate love which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month according to the lunar calendar. In 2015 it will fall on August 20th.


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