Happy Heat Turns On Day!


I hope you are all basking in your slowly-warming-up houses. Again, I feel like this day this year feels a bit less celebratory than normal because the temps outside haven’t been nearly as cold as normal for this time of the year.
So, in order to make today’s post a true celebration, feast your eyes on the this photo:
If it’s not clear enough, let me elaborate. I think we can safely move “Hohhot is getting a Starbucks” from the rumor mill to fact.  I’ve seen this sign along Zhong Shan Lu that announces “Inner Mongolia’s First Starbucks” as well as a similar announcement on the scrolling marquee at Minzu Shopping Center on Zhong Shan Lu. What is still in the rumr mill, however, is the location. Some have said it will be somewhere near these signs along Zhong Shan Lu and others have said it’s going in Wei Duo Li’s new mall on Xin Hua Jie across from Chang Le Gong. I also can’t find a confirmed opening date. (If you know leave us all a comment)!
Others may be just as excited to notice in the top left corner of the photo that a H&M is also coming, and I believe perhaps more than one location.

So, fellow Hohhotians (is that a word?)…enjoy your warm day knowing some new things are coming to our fine city!

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