Hohhot’s Gong An Ju

We have a new daughter, which is a joy…getting all her documents (passports, foreign birth abroad, visa, etc) is not exactly a joy.
But, when we had to go to the PSB this week to apply for her visa, I realized I hadn’t posted the information about Hohhot’s Gong An Ju. Here it is.

The Gong An Ju or PSB is where all foreigners have to go to apply for visas or residence permits.

It’s located on the corner of Chi Le Chuan Da Jie and Tong Fei Lu. Here’s a map:
gong an ju

Here are three phone numbers you can try to ask questions related to your visa. Out attempts to get answers to questions usually result in an answer of “I don’t know” but we were at least able to call ahead and ask if our daughter’s visa was ready to be picked up.


A few random thoughts from our experiences there:
This time our paperwork was almost rejected because we used a ball point pen. We’ve actually had to re-do paperwork at the bank for the same reason so we should have known, but just a heads up that they prefer gel pens or other non-ball point types. Also, always use black ink.

You can’t bring your own photo, you have to get one taken there.

For the photos, you have to pay cash. For the visa or residence card fee, only a card is allowed: no cash.

And there’s this situation that cracks me up:
IMG_20150917_102119This photo is terrible, but this is the street in front of the station. It has about six lanes, but 3 of them, plus the bike lane and the sidewalk were being used as parking. The station itself has a giant parking lot, but the gate is closed and their are some serious guards whose job it is not to let cars in. So, three lanes of traffic become the parking lot. I’m not sure what you do if you’re the car in the middle. Oh, Hohhot traffic!

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