Fun Stuff for kids to do in Hohhot


We’re welcoming a family with two kids who are coming for a visit today.  We’ve also recently been introduced to two families with children who moved here recently and we’ve heard two more are on the way.  Then, when school starts back up and the foreign teachers return, there will be a few more.  Anyway, as we made a list of possible activities for our friends who are visiting, we thought we’d share the list here so that our readers can check them out.  For questions about specific locations or other details, leave a comment or ask in the forum.

Da Qing Shan Zoo
A’er tai Amusement Park
roller skating
ice skating
tour a milk factory (or some other factory and I’ve heard Yilin gives tours of the bakery)
the Inner Mongolian Museum has a moving dinosaur exhibit geared toward kids
Bai Ta (White Tower, this is what the airport is named after) expend some energy climbing up lots of stairs
Zhao Jun Tomb has some nice flower gardens and space to run around
any local park has kids activities
most shopping centers have play areas for smaller children

Happy Playing!

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