Free tickets to tourist sites

Apparently May 19 has been named “China Travel Day” and because of that many local tourist locations will have free entrance tickets and others will be discounted.

The full article is in Chinese below so you can check my accuracy, but here’s the list as I read it.

Zhao Jun and Five Pagoda: half price

The General’s Quarters (the old place near gu lou): 20% off

Yili’s Travel Area will give away free products and coupons for products

Zhao Jun Museum and Xi Li Tu Temple (the small temple) will have 300 free entrance tickets each (first come, first serve)

And the Inner Mongolia Travel Service also has some kind of special about some kind of travel card, but I’m not clear on the details.

The article goes on to list the travel specials for Baotou, Alxa, Wulanchab, Xilingol, Chifeng, Tongliao, Hulunbeir, and Wuhai. If you plan to travel in the coming days, have a local friend help you check out the specials!

I can’t get the embedding to display correctly, but here’s the link to the full article in Chinese.


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