For those who consider yourself bilingual (or are attempting to be)

I came across this article via a friend living in India who swears her husband has a different personality when he speaks Hindi.

The article’s premise is that when speaking a different language one exhibits a different personality. I’ve thought about this idea some based on the way I hear my Chinese friends describe me. One of my closet local friends recently described me as easy going. (随和 sui he) I think VERY few of my American friends who know me well would describe me that way. They would be more inclined to use words like high-strung or perhaps even compulsive, which are very different from easy-going.

Living in China has chilled me out a bit. And, my Chinese ability isn’t yet so smooth that I can truly convey all I want to in Chinese, so I’m sure that my Chinese language skills don’t accurately reflect my full personality. However, it’s a really interesting concept to consider that we might actually have another personality reflected when we speak another language.

What do you think? Is your personality accurately reflected in your second (or third or fourth) language? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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