This is one of the hardest pages of the site to keep updated. Locations change, restaurants close, and our family eats at home much more often than we eat out, so I’m not always up-to-speed with this world anyway.

However, here is my attempt to get you the information you need.


List of blog postings about restaurants in Hohhot





German Restaurant Closes March 2013

The Cheese Factory



Restaurant Name (English or pinyin) Restaurant Name (Chinese) Style Address/phone Notes
Ban Mu Di (You Mian Da Wang) 半亩地    莜面大王 You Mian/local dishes/hui cai Multiple locations Blog author’s favorite
3000 Pu 3000 铺 Korean Barbeque Multiple locations  
Shao Mai Cun 麦香村 Shao Mai/stir fried dishes 大北街44号      6935290 Supposedly the oldest restaurant in HH
Meng Gu Da Ying
Mongolian Campsite
蒙古大营 Mongolian At the racetrack赛马厂 Has Mongolian performances
Phoenix HotelNei Meng Gu Guo Hang Da Sha 内蒙古国航大厦 Western BuffetThai RestaurantChinese Restaurant

Summit Steakhouse

2nd floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
20th floor6391520 新城北街中段
Nei Meng Gu Fan DianInner Mongolia Hotel 内蒙古饭店 Various, Mongolian food in yurts behind hotel, Hui, and others 6938888,6952288 乌兰察布西路满都海公园斜对面  
Jia Ri Da Jiu DianHoliday Inn 呼和浩特假日酒店 Various 6351888 中山西路185号  
Xiang Ge Li LaShang-ri-la 香格里拉大酒店 Western buffet or order from menu, other restaurants also 6391520 锡林南路少年宫北面  
Jin Jiang Guo Ji Jiu DianJin Jiang International Hotel 锦江国际酒店 various 6391520 呼伦南路天骄医院北面  
Sheraton Hotel 喜来登 Italian    
Su Li De/Yi Tai 伊泰大酒店 Mongolian, 4924338 东影南街北段路西 Used to be called Yitai, now called SuLiDe
Zhao Jun Hotel 昭君大酒店 various 6668888 新华广场斜对面  
Uiles 维力斯大酒店 Westernvarious 6607777 新华东街长乐宫斜对面向东  
Cao Jing Jing 草菁菁 Hot Pot 东影南路58 号   4681558 Individual hot pot
Restaurant Name (English or pinyin) Restaurant Name (Chinese) Style Address/phone Notes
Xin Wu Lan Fan Dian 新乌兰饭店 Mongolian 4939881 乌兰察布西路33号  
Gou Bu Li Bao Zi   Bao Zi/stir fry   Near square
A Le Kao Ba Shao Kao   Shao Kao/Barbeque Multiple locations  
Nv Shen Da Jiu Dian
The Goddess
女神大酒店 Stir fry Multiple locations Seems to be a local favorite for hosting weddings
Ba Yan De Le Hai 巴彦德乐海 Mongolian 4936600,4912800 新华大街档案局西侧  
Han Guo Gong 韩国宫 Korean   Location moving soon,    currently just north of bridge on west side
Da Han Men 大韩门韩国料理 Korean 3399388 鼓楼东北方向元贞永街中段  
Tie Guo Yi Ju 铁锅一局 Hui Cai/Men Mian Multiple locations  
Xin Cheng Bing Guan 新城宾馆 various 呼伦南路40号6660888  
Da Tian Da Jiu Dian 大天酒店 various 中山东路与锡林北路交汇处  2263666,2263566  
Jin De Da Jiu Dian 金德大酒店   呼伦北路80号6263311  
Si Chuan Hui Guan Chuan Cai Jiu Lou 四川会馆川菜酒楼 Sichuan (spicy) style food 呼伦北路与北垣西街交汇处  
Jin Yu Wang Ji Da Jiu Dian     海拉尔东街710号2319001  
Beijing Duck 北京烤鸭分店 Beijing Duck, various 呼伦北路蒙校斜对面6557614  
Ba Yin Hao Ri Wa 巴音浩日娲 Mongolian 海拉尔大街33号2255508  
Shi Ao Jiu Dian 世奥酒店 various 中山西路9号6625800,6625900 Revolving Restaurant



  1. Emma says:

    Hi Jill!
    Came across your blog through expatblogs, its awesome to see you and your family enjoying life there. I’d like to contribute a “hack” to the food / restaurant part!

    My friends and I made a WeChat account that lists and translates restaurant listings & menus (with photos & prices of top dishes) in most tier 1-4 cities. We hope expats can use this tool to help them explore more local cuisine, so are reaching out to bloggers in different cities to share this tool, especially in cities outside of Shanghai and Beijing, where waiters are less likely to speak English.

    I hope you and James will find it useful, you can check out how it works here:

    If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please email us, we’d love to hear from you : )

    Have a good evening!

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