Local Specialties

Types of food:
Mongolian:  see below for specific dishes
Dong Bei Cai:  literally “northeastern food”  There are many of these restaurants in Hohhot.  Food is generally a bit salty.
Hot Pot: a boiling pot of soup where you order and add your own meats, vegetables, and noodles
Shao Kao:  barbequed/grilled anything-you-want on a stick
Western food:  Hohhot has a French restaurant, German restaurant, a few Italian restaurants, and of course Western fast food
Korean:  both Korean dishes and Korean barbeque are available.  The Koreans here say the Korean barbeque is terribly inauthentic.
Japanese:  a large selection of Japanese restaurants is available
Hui:  a Muslim ethnic minority here, some dishes are unique but mostly they are similar to traditional Chinese stir-fry, but without pork of any kind
Uighur: another Muslim ethnic minority, see below for specific dishes
Specific Dishes (local specialties)
you mian 莜面:  This is a noodle made from a buckwheat or oat flour.  It is generally eaten as a cold dish or in a soup.

you mian “liang tang” or cold soup. Most restaurants also offer hot mutton or pork soup


You mian “dun dun.” rolled you mian with carrot and potato pieces

dui jia 对夹:  a sandwich-like food filled with egg, chicken, or beef
la pi 拉皮:  potato starch noodles, normally served as a cold dish but sometimes stir-fried with meat
men mian 焖面:  a big pot filled with noodles or bread (like dinner rolls) and your choice of meat and vegetables.  The dish is saucy but not a soup
hui cai 烩菜:  generally has pork, potatoes, fermented cabbage, and potato starch noodles, although there are some other varieties
shao mai 烧麦: a kind of dumpling, similar to jiao zi but with thinner wrapping and sealed at the top
nai cha 奶茶:  milk tea.  salty, not sweet and generally served with other things to dip/soak in it (some are listed below)
nai shi pin 奶食品:  literally “milk food products” and sometimes translated as cheese. In Mongolian the name translates as “white food.” They come in different varieties but all are made from cultured/soured milk, made into different shapes and hardened, and eaten plain or in milk tea.  In homes they are generally very sour but pre-packaged varieties can be purchased in the supermarket and are much sweeter and softer.
zha guo zi/guo tiao 炸果子/果条:  small fried pieces of dough/brad for dipping/soaking in milk tea
nai you ban chao mi 奶油拌炒米:  cream and millet
tai yang bing/rou bing/xian(r) bing 太阳饼/肉饼/馅儿饼:  meat-filled pancakes.
kao yang tui 烤羊腿:  roasted leg of lamb
shou ba rou 手把肉:  boiled mutton still on the bone…eaten by cutting off bite-sized pieces with a knife
jian bing 煎饼:  you can see this food being sold from small carts all across the city.  It’s a thin pancake-like food with egg, fried dough, onions, cilantro, and sauce.
bei zi 焙子: a breakfast food also sold from carts.  It’s a layered bread that comes in a variety of flavors/fillings


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