First Leap

A few local friends mentioned this place to me and I finally got around to checking it out, and then now a few weeks later I get around to posting about it.

First Leap is a children’s English training center, but they have a small library you can check out books from. My friends liked the selection of English language books. For me, the English selection was much smaller than I imagined, just a shelf, but they had a larger selection of bilingual children’s books and a great selection of Chinese children’s books.

To get a card, there is a deposit of 200 RMB, plus a 10 RMB fee for the card. Then, you check out books for two weeks with no penalty or fee. Late fees are deducted from your deposit. When you no longer want to use the service, return the card and your remaining deposit is returned.

The woman I spoke with also made an offer that foreign kids could participate in their weekend activities for free.

First Leap is located in Wanda’s Tower A on the 7th floor. 0471-329-2288

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