Expat wechat groups



If you’re interested in connecting with more foreigners in Hohhot, here are two wechat groups you can join.

I am not the groups’ organizer nor to I support everything discussed in the groups. I’m just providing the QR codes for those who may want more opportunities to connect with the other foreigners here.


  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Weibaili, I wanna join, but the group QR code already expired, so right now I’m not able to join. Can you please make a different QR code for these WeChat groups. Thank you in advance.

    Hohhot expat,

  2. weibaili says:

    Hey Vincent,
    Check out http://hohhotinfo.com/another-wechat-group/
    The largest group was full so I created a new one today. Look forward to connecting with you.


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