Expat Exchange


THIS Friday from 3-5 pm will be our first Expat Exchange Event! This is simply a time for all the foreigners living in Hohhot to connect with one another. The event will be weekly. Three times a month in the afternoon and the first Friday of the month in the evening.

Where: Phoenix Hotel Inner Mongolia. 国航大厦 It is just north of the bridge (gu lou/li Jiao qiao) on the east side of the street.

When: November 15, 2013 3-5 pm

Price: choose your price and food selection below. Leave a comment with your reservation/selection.

our friends from Mongolia: Монголчуудыг  баярлан  угтаж  байна
our friends from Togo: Bienvenue
our friends from Germany: Willkommen
our friends from Korea: 환영합니다
And of course, those of you reading this in your first language are welcomed to participate too! Please help us spread the word and make the first round a success!

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