We’ll have another gathering THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 28 at the Air China Phoenix Hotel. Unless we receive other feedback, we’ll move the event to monthly on the last Friday of each month. RSVP to asiajudds@gmail.com or to 18747977365 or by leaving a comment here.

Air China Phoenix Hotel Inner Mongolia 国航大厦 guo hang da sha
2nd floor Sunshine Coffee House-back corner (southwest side)
6:30 pm
(those with kids feel free to come a bit earlier if you’d like)

More menu options available

ee menu 2


  1. Sherry and Woody says:

    Unfortunately we can not make it this Friday! 🙁
    Perhaps, meeting only once a month will work out
    better. I’ll do the best to clear our schedule for the last
    Friday of each month, Jill!

    Do you know yet where we’ll meet on Sunday, April 6th?


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