Exhibition Center

Someone asked about the website to find events at the exhibition center in the comments a few days ago. I’ll post my response here for anyone else who may be interested.


If you mean the exhibition center on Xin Hua, here’s the web address: http://www.nmgzlg.com/

I’ve personally never been to an event inside the center myself, but have walked around different displays they’ve had in the parking lot. I’ve never heard of anything really interesting happening here.


If you mean the international exhibition center east of the east er huan, I think this is it: http://www.nmghzzx.com/

But another site mentions it as well: http://www.haozhanhui.com/place/564.html

This was the location of China’s Horse Industry Fair last year and it was a really great, classy event.


If you mean the product exhibition center on north Xing An, I can’t find anything for that one. The advertisements outside the building lead me to believe there are jewelry exhibits inside.


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