What is there to do in Hohhot?

The list below is in no way comprehensive, but it will give you a starting point to learning the city and all it has to offer!
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Most parks in the city offer a wide range of activities.  There are generally rides/games/activities for small children, areas to  play sports, dancing, Chinese marital arts, paths for walking/running, and  sometimes paddleboats and other water activities.  Most are free admission.
A’er tai 阿尔泰游乐园
Manduhai  满都海公园
Qingcheng  青城公园
Gongzhufu  公主府公园
South  Lake Wetlands Park 南湖湿地公园
Hohhot  Botanical Garden/Ulaanhu Park 呼和浩特植物园/乌兰夫公园
Wild Animal Park/Zoo  大青山野生动物园
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Mountain Climbing

Ustu  Temple 乌素图召
North of University City there are designated trails
Hohhot mountain climbing Da Qing Shan

Hohhot mountain climbing Da Qing Shan

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Squares/Plazas  Much like parks, but with more concrete and less trees, they are especially hoppin’ in the summer.
They generally offer small, motorized cars for children and similar activities as you would find in the parks.  They occasionally have movies played on screen of water.Xinhua Square  新华广场
Ruyi Square 如意广场
Jinchuan Square  金川广场
Jinqiao Square  金桥广场
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a local favorite!  Rent a room with stereo equipment for you and your friends to sing the night away.  Size, price, quality, and selection of English songs vary greatly from place to place.

Museums/Cultural and Historical Sites

These are a few of the “must-see” places.
Inner  Mongolia Museum 内蒙古博物院
Princess Palace 公主府
General’s Headquarters 将军衙署
Zhaojun Tomb 昭君墓
Hohhot Planning Exhibition Center 呼和浩特市规划展览馆
Dazhao Temple 大召
Xilitu Temple 席力图召
Five Pagota Temple 五塔寺
Goddess of Mercy Temple 观音庙
Ustu Temple 乌素图召
Old City Mosque 清真大寺
Old City Catholic Church 旧城北门天主教堂
Liao dynasty Baita Pagota near the  airport
The list above contributed by Suragch. Check out my picks here.
Chi Le Chuan Museum
Hohhot Five Pagoda Temple

Hohhot Five Pagoda Temple

Sports Venues

These are where to play, not where to watch.  As we hear of sporting events/competitions coming to town, we’ll post them in the forum or on the home page.
Da Qing Shan Taiwei Ski Resort and Golf Club located north and east of city. Continue north from airport and daxue cheng.
Golf is available April through October and ski season is October or November through March (but depends on the weather).
Hohhot Tai Wei Golf and Skiing Resort

Hohhot Tai Wei Golf and Skiing Resort


There are a few movie theaters in Hohhot including at least two IMAX locations. Wanda has an IMAX as well as the SPAR shopping center on the far west side of the city in the Hui City. The selection of English language films is limited, but increasing.


There are a number of malls and large shopping centers that have shopping, eateries, coffee shops, specialty drinks, arcades, movie theaters and other such entertainment. Some of the most well-known are:
Mo Er Cheng/Victory City Mall
South Beijing Hua Lian also called Kai De or Capital Mall
Weiduoli International Plaza (high end name brands)
Weiduoli/Hai Liang
Minzu Shopping Center (two locations Zhong Shan Lu and south of Chang Le Gong)
Chang Le Gong


There are many bars and nightclubs, even some that cater specifically to foreigners and offer free drinks to foreigners. However, I have two toddlers who go to bed at 8 pm. This makes me officially old, probably uncool, and unable to offer any details on this aspect of life in Hohhot.

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  1. stefano says:

    I am an italian here in hoohot.How is possible I cannot find any foreign here? where I can find some bar/pub for foreign? or at least some bar with english speaking waiters?
    any restaurant foreign also?


    • weibaili says:

      Welcome to Hohhot. Our family is back home in the US for bit, but you should be able to find some foreigners. If you’re not running into any try the universities, all the English training schools, or the large international hotels. As far as finding wait staff who speak English…I wouldn’t expect that in our humble city.

  2. Edward Morgan says:

    Is there a website listing the exhibitions at the Exhibition Center?

  3. I’m so glad I discovered this site. I was recently offered a teaching position in Hohhot, and after researching the school, I think I’m accepting it. From reading your posts, this seems like an awesome city!

    • Elle says:

      Hi Anthony,

      I’ve just accepted a teaching post in Hohhot, did you go and how are you finding it? Any help/advice would be so much appreciated as I move over in March.

      • weibaili says:

        I’m not Anthony, but if you have wechat I can add you to the hohhotinfo.com group to connect with some folks who may be able to help you as you get settled.

  4. weibaili says:

    Glad you found us! I hope we (both the website and the city) don’t disappoint. We try to keep a positive spin on things here on the website so just know it’s not all rosy!

  5. Graham says:

    Hi I am new in Hohhot not a green horn to China but this city. Anyone have a chance to meet? I am also searching for a house or apartment to rent need some info if possible


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