Enjoy Being Outside!

The weather is warming up! (But don’t get ready for full-on spring time just yet. There is still plenty of time for it to get cold again. And before it really gets nice, there are generally a few sandstorms). While it is nice, here’s an idea to get out and enjoy being outside. I think it’s especially a great idea for those with kiddos.

Pick your own fruit/vegetables!

There are a few places you can pick fresh strawberries and other items yourself. You pay for the price of the berries, plus a bit more for the experience. I don’t know an exact price.

I also don’t know an exact address, but following these directions will get you close to one of the places. I’m sure there’s more than one, so just ask a local friend if you’re interested, or use these directions:


From Jin Qiao 的istrict’s oil refinery go east toward Liang Cheng (a county in Ulaanqab) about 5 kilometers.

This place has strawberries, cucumbers, and small tomatoes and my friends who have been said they taste great.

Does anyone know of other places? If so, leave a comment.


  1. C.G. Sue says:

    Hi there~~~ Do you guys like bicycle or any other sports? Or picnic in parks? I am a native in Hohhot but I do look foward to communicating with people from all over the world. Maybe we can get out together and you will find that things become easier with a local people.

    • C.G. Sue says:

      P.S. Any friend can also contact me by QQ or E-mail. My QQ number is 121875075 and Steve Nash is my nickname. Yes, the Steve Nash, my idol.

  2. weibaili says:

    Thanks for your comment and for your interest in making new friends.

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