Disappointing News

Well, the German Restaurant has closed. Yet another Western restaurant that didn’t make it. (I will depress myself if I list all those that didn’t make it. And although not “Western” I’m especially sad about the Thai restaurant closing last Nov/Dec. And does anyone remember the Yellow River Café? I’ll stop now).

What gives? As it turns out, we knew one of the part-owners of the place, we just knew him as the owner of a car rental company, not as the owner of the German Restaurant and Bull Bar. He said it closed because business was bad and because Chinese people don’t like Western food.

So I have a lot of questions for you…

  • Do you think Hohhot has a large enough foreign community to support foreign restaurants?
  • Do you think he’s right that Hohhotians don’t like Western food? or just German food?
  • What kind of restaurant would you most love to see in Hohhot?

Along those lines, take the following VERY BRIEF (two questions) survey about what you most wish Hohhot had:


And in related news, the Bull Bar is looking for a foreign band if you have musical ability and are so inclined. They would also considering hiring a foreign chef if you have credentials and are looking for a job. Both options could provide a work visa.



  1. C.G. Sue says:

    I’ve been in Hohhot for 25 years but I’ve never known that there was a German Restaurant here. Nowadays Hohhotians are much richer and wiser than before. More and more people, especially the young ones, can accept all kinds of culture very well. And more than that, they are also look foward to trying new things. So in my opinion, what the foreign restaurants need is just some advertising.
    As for “what kind of restaurant would I most love to see in Hohhot”, I would say that every restaurant which has something really special will be welcome here.
    Hoping to be helpful.

  2. Suragch says:

    Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and KFC seem pretty popular. It probably has more to do with price, location, and name recognition.

  3. weibaili says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. CG Sue, the German Restaurant was connected to the Bull Bar just a bit south of Chang Le Gong.
    I also wonder if the success or failure of western restaurants here has something to do with the locals’ perception of what western food is/should be. KFC, McD, And Pizza Hut do well they have name recognition, but also because hamburgers and pizza are what locals think western food should be whereas sausage and sauerkraut may not be what they imagine western food should be.

    • Ramon says:

      Been to Hohhot recently. At the insistence of my hosts(local Chinese family), cooked few dishes, spaghetti meat sauce, ceviche, fried calamari, onion rings, beef stew, pancakes, burgers, etc did so for the next 3 days till I left. They love everything just could not get enough western food.
      My hosts told me they would love to have more choices of western food in the city, but they do not know where to find of them.
      Local people do want more western food but just do not know where and how to, they are intimidated going to a foreign restaurant and not know how and what to order, they don’t know distinction betw an appetizer/entrée/dessert, so most just flock to KFC or Pizza hut cause its easy and very forward(with the menus pics).
      I agree with CG Sue, just need more advertising and promotion, most people do not know about what is available there and do not know how to find them.

      • weibaili says:

        Thanks for you thoughts, Ramon. And we hope you enjoyed your visit. Are you enterprising enough to open the next best Western food restaurant in Hohhot?? 🙂 🙂 We’ll support you!

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