cook like a local: garlic chutes

Today is our first post in a series that will help those of you who want to learn to make local dishes at home. We have a dear, dear lady who helps us with cleaning and prepares our lunch four days a week and she will be one of our guides along this journey.

Today we’ll start with a very easy dish: stir-fried garlic chutes with pork.   蒜薹肉丝  suan tai rou si.

What you need:

– roughly 25-30 garlic chutes, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces

-pork strips. You can buy these pre-cut at any supermarket or just them yourself. We used about 1/3 cup but you can add more or less

-one large chopped tomato

-soy sauce

-hua Jiao or wu xiang fen (flower pepper or Chinese five spice)


-cooking oil

IMG_20131207_113527 IMG_20131207_113537 IMG_20131207_113646

and now, watch how it’s done:

and the finished product:

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