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We’d like to hear from you! For the next five days we’re instituting a comment contest. Leave the best comment in the next five days and you’ll win the item of your choice from our Hohhot gift selection. We’ll choose a winner for the most humorous comment and most informational comment.

Browse the old articles, read the new ones and comment away!

We’ll deliver your gift if in Hohhot or mail it if in China. Although anyone can participate in the contest, we can’t ship your gift internationally. Sorry!



  1. Matthew Stokes says:

    Hohhot is not just hot, it’s cold too. North of the equator, plus a few – miles aren’t used, it’s kilometers you’ll need, but that’s OK, ’cause Hohhot can feed. Lamb’s on the menu, but so’s everything else, but it’s not all about food, there’s even yourself. Spend a few days there, and you might want to leave, but after some days, Hohhot has ways, to take what you’ve “known,” and make it a home.

  2. weibaili says:

    Great Matthew! Thanks for the humor! Next time you’re in town I’ll have a small gift for you!

  3. weibaili says:

    Winners: Preston for most informative and Matthew for most humorous. Thanks, everyone!
    I’ll have gifts for you next time I see you!

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