Chi Le Chuan Museum



 I’m not sure if this museum is new, or just one I’d never heard of, but I figured if I hadn’t heard of it before, maybe my lovely readers would like to know too. The information I received is below in Chinese, but I’ll summarize as best I can.
Chi Le Chuan Museum (a subsidiary of the Inner Mongolia Musuem) is located in Baotou City Right Banner inside the border of Salaqi along the Hohhot-Batou highway about 113 km from Hohhot. It has two main exhibit halls of Chi Le Chuan history and life.  Admission is free on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Contact phone number is 888 8935.

Further explanation about Chi Le Chuan: It’s my understanding that “chi le chuan” is a description of the plains area of this part of Inner Mongolia from a famous poem/song  . (poem/song in the original language below). I’m not going to attempt to translate poetry, but I will put the pin yin by it and tell you that’s it basically a beautiful description of the plains, grasslands, and sky. When I was a student at Nei Da one of our teachers made us memorize it and I’m actually really thankful because it’s one of those things you can reference at a banquet and everyone will think you are really, really wen ming (cultured).

敕勒歌–北朝民歌  chi le ge– bei chao min ge

敕勒川,阴山下   chi le chuan yin shan xia
天似穹庐,笼盖四野。 tian si qiong lu, long gai si ye
天苍苍,野茫茫,tian cang cang, ye mang mang
风吹草低见牛羊。feng chui cao di xian niu yang

So, if you’re looking something to do and get out of town just a bit, this seems like a good option. Leave a comment after you’ve checked it out! (or to correct my Chinese!)

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