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Mengke Bateer retiring

Mengke Bateer, an international basketball star born and raised in Inner Mongolia, is set to retire in August. If the article doesn’t display correctly below, use this link to read the article published by The Beijing Hour. It details the information about his basketball and show biz career and the details of his retirement.
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Allen Iverson in Hohhot

You read that right. I stayed up way too late last night trying to confirm or deny this Chinese news article that was on Inner Mongolia New’s wechat public account yesterday. So far, everything about the article mostly checks out.

According to the article, Allen Iverson will be at Inner Mongolia Stadium on May 25 at 7:30 pm. I can’t figure out if it’s like an exhibition game or just him or what exactly. The article states that the trip involves stops in Daqing, Harbin, Xian, and Hohhot. Allen Iverson’s twitter account (you can search for #AlChinaTour) confirms that he’s in China and makes reference to all those cities…..except Hohhot. I’d like to think that if the rest of the details of the article are true, the Hohhot appearance is as well.

The article states 3000 tickets have already been sold and are going fast at rates of 1500, 1000, 400, and 200 RMB depending on seating.

I have read other articles in Chinese that confirm the details in the article linked above, but haven’t found any English sources to confirm it.

So if it’s true, who’s going to see him? Anyone have a reliable source to confirm or deny?




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