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Express VPN

I try not to link to pages that require a VPN to load, but since this one is about VPNs, I’m breaking from my trend.

Below is a video from Express VPN called “5 Best ways to use VPN”. The majority of people use a VPN purely for unblocking Netflix and other streaming websites, so they don’t know about all the other cool bits and bobs you can use a VPN for!

Watch the video below, and if you like it, Express VPN

Use this link and we’ll both get 30 days free!


Da Yao Jia Bing

If you’ve lived in Hohhot any length of time and haven’t had a Da Yao yet, you haven’t really lived in Hohhot. If Hohhot had an official drink, I’m pretty sure this would be it. It’s a soda produced and bottled right here in HET. There’s the standard flavor, which according to my husband tastes like carbonated bubble gum and there’s a citrus-one. I’ve only ever seen bottles, but there’s photographic evidence below that cans also exist.

photo from Da Yao Jia Bing wechat account

photo from Da Yao Jia Bing wechat account

What I didn’t know until last week is that you can follow da yao on wechat. The link below is from their public wechat account which is a compilation of fan-submitted photos.

Take a look at it here.

Here’s what I need to know from you in the comment section:

Da Yao: love it or hate it?

Da Yao: describe the taste in your own words.

What is the best meal to pair with a bottle of Da Yao?

Locally Roasted Coffee!

If you love making a great cup of coffee at home, Harvest Coffee is selling high quality imported coffee beans, roasted and packaged right here in Hohhot! Below are the types available for September and October! The owner speaks great English so don’t worry about a communication barrier.

Harvest Coffee Roasters also teach training classes to locals about how to make a good cup of coffee at home and sell equipment and implements.


You can order by phone or wechat (QR on image below).


Harvest Coffee

Harvest Coffee, Hohhot


Sorry, I know the image isn’t super clear, if you need the pdf, add my wechat and I’ll send it to you:  hohhotjill


Hand Made Christmas Trees

Are you still looking for a Christmas gift or looking for a way to add some Christmas cheer to your home? Some local ladies are selling handmade fabric Christmas trees.
mmexport1450184428776trees measure 23X18 cm
mmexport1450184431755You may also request these hand-made greeting cards.
Trees can be purchased for 89 RMB.
English speaking customer service is available. Call Oyuna at 15034796051 or contact her via wechat at oyun578347667

Don’t forget we have Hohhot-themed gifts as well!

Hohhot Souvenir Gift Items

The gift items you can purchase on this website now have a place you can view and pick up in Hohhot!

You may view and purchase items at Xi Hua Da Sha Office 1108.

Xi Hua Da Sha is the office building on the southeast corner of Xing An and Hailar, just above Run Yu.

熙华大厦 1108

IMG_20151024_180828 IMG_20151024_180832 IMG_20151024_180840 IMG_20151024_180847

Mugs 30 RMB or 4 for 100 RMB!

Prices vary for canvas prints, but we can custom make any size or design you want!


“Green Food” Exhibition-Five More Days

From today and for the next five days there’s an exhibition of locally (across Inner Mongolia) grown “green food.” When I say green food I’m translating directly from Chinese because some will say this means organically grown, but other locals are distrustful if it is truly organic. I’m not savvy enough to know what standard is used to give it the “green food” labeling but if food safety and locally grown produce are important to you, it might be a great event to check out.



As you can see from the last photo, it looks like they have non-food products as well. It might be a great chance to pick up some gifts!

Photo credit for above photos: Togtoh

The event is at the International Exhibition Center, which is just east of the East Second Ring Road on Da Xue Lu. Here’s a map:
international exhibition center

Children’s English books for sale!

You You Cao has English books available for sale or rent. Customers can purchase or rent books from the flagship store on Wanda’s walking street or from two neighborhood stores between the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Top address is for Wanda, Middle address for Ju Hai Cheng, and bottom address for Jin Qiao


Some examples of available books are below:
mmexport1435147434104 mmexport1435147439156 mmexport1435147426381 mmexport1435147396267

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