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Mongolian Felt Art Exhibition


“Mongolian Nomads” Felt Art Exhibition


You are cordially invited to the opening ceremony of “Mongolian Nomads” Felt Art Exhibition by Mongolian artist Jagralsaikhan Tavkhi.

Date: on Sunday, 17th May, 2015 at 11:00 am

Duration: 17-19 th May 2015

Place: 3th floor, 奥都泰 Mongolian restaurant   

Adress: 新城区成吉思汗大街阳光诺卡比塞塔商业街109

See pictures and more details here. Nomads Mongolian

Beijing air quality: a photo a day

365 photos of Beijing air quality

The photographer in the linked article, Zou Yi, took a picture a day at the same time and location to show 365’s of BJ’s air pollution. He’s encouraging others to do the same in other cities. There’s a link in the article to follow his weibo account.

Who’s taking on Hohhot? I’m not in town now, but our previous 18th floor apartment would have had the perfect view.

Have you done this or similar projects in Hohhot? Do you want to share them with us? If so, leave us the link in the comments below.

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View of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Today

Today three things happened simultaneously to result in the photos below.
First, it was the clearest day we’ve had in a long time. (Thanks to the rain, I suppose).
Second, both me and handsome hubs were home with not too many pressing things to do.
And third, the door to the roof of our apartment was unlocked. By “unlocked” I mean that the lock had been previously broken my someone else.

Anyway, here’s what Hohhot looked like today from just east of city center, 27 floors up.


Looking northeast:

hohhot northeast 2

You can see Inner Mongolia Museum in the center and Wanda just to the right.
Hohhot northeast

Looking southeast:
hohhot south east

Looking south:

Bolton Plaza under construction on left, International Mongolia Medicine Hospital just to the left of center


hohhot south south east

Looking west:
hohhot west 2

Hohhot west

Aerial Photos

Hohhot Aerial Photos

This link will take you to aerial photos posted by Hohhot News Service Public Wechat account. You can follow them using wechat ID: hushixinwen


The photos are of (in order top to bottom): Xin Hua Square, Municipal Government Complex, Hai Liang, Inner Mongolia Museum and Municipal Government, Hohhot Train Station, followed by repeats from a posting a few days ago of photos by Dou Yu Jun.

Great Hohhot Photos

These great photos were taken by Dou Yu Jun and published on the Dynamic Inner Mongolia public wechat account. You can subscribe to them using the wehcat ID: magicnmg.

My attempts to embed the photos here failed, so just click the link below to view them.

Today’s update

There isn’t much of an update today because our internet is s o o o o s l o w these days. Today’s update has actually taken me two days, but it’s that I got the photo gallery back up on the around the city page. You may remember the gallery from before we moved servers. It’s back now for your viewing pleasure.

For the 5-8 of you at the Mongolian wrestling event this evening (see the forum) I hope you are enjoying it. Leave a comment about the event for those of us at home with the kids!

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