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We made this video to show our friends and family back home, so you folks that live here will find the brief moments of commentary quite lame.

Anyway, here is what the New Year’s eve fireworks looked like form our house. It in no way compared to our previous 18th floor view, but it still put most US cities’ 4th of July celebrations to shame.

CNY 2016 3 from Jill Judd on Vimeo.




Happy New Year!


The cacophony of fireworks have already begun near our house.

Here’s to hoping that all of your have a wonderful time saying good-bye to the year of sheep and welcoming the year of the monkey (and that your children are able to sleep through the noise)!

We wish you a very, very happy lunar new year!

If you’re celebrating with Chinese friends here and here are some fancy ways to make jiao zi if you really want to impress.

And here is a list of Chinese new year greetings, complete with audio!

And here is another list of 108 Chinese new year greetings. (some duplicates)



Hohhot made CCTV’s facebook page

You can check out this video of police nabbing a thief. The video is complete with dramatic music and everything.

You can follow CCTV on facebook for news all over China.


What do you think about the video? Have you been pick-pocketed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


Also, happy Li Chun!

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it’s today and I think it is the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar. If that’s correct, the lunar calendar and I disagree about the meaning of spring.



Mongolian Fire Ceremony

Today is a significant Mongolian holiday, but I’m not exactly sure what the best English translation for the day should be…fire remembrance day? Fire Ceremony?

*photo courtesy of Manda

Anyway, the holiday has its basis in animism and the historical respect for/worship of fire.

Here’s a brief article about it.

Here are some videos that were circulating on wechat today. *the audio is Mongolian


Hand Made Christmas Trees

Are you still looking for a Christmas gift or looking for a way to add some Christmas cheer to your home? Some local ladies are selling handmade fabric Christmas trees.
mmexport1450184428776trees measure 23X18 cm
mmexport1450184431755You may also request these hand-made greeting cards.
Trees can be purchased for 89 RMB.
English speaking customer service is available. Call Oyuna at 15034796051 or contact her via wechat at oyun578347667

Don’t forget we have Hohhot-themed gifts as well!

Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski Area

All you need to know about the 2015-2016 Ski Season is right here!


This could be you!

The slopes at Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski Area open on November 28th!


map of the slopes


Skiing at Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski Area

Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski Area is located north of Hohhot on highway S101. See this map:

map to tai wei

the green area near the arrow is the ski and golf resort


Here is the price list for the 2015-2016 season:

Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski and Golf Resort Skiing Prices

If the image doesn’t display correctly, use this link: Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Ski and Golf Resort Skiing Prices



snow sledding




ski lift



You can follow the public account on wechat for information about skiing at wechat ID: twhxjlb and for information about their other activities at wechat ID: nmgtw_djc.


If you need service in English, contact Sanny at 13674814130.


Get a group of your friends together and make some cool memories!



Shuttle service is provided from Inner Mongolia Exhibition Center to Tai Wei at 9:30 am, 11:30 am, and 3:00 pm.
Shuttle service is provided from Tai Wei to Inner Mongolia Exhibition Center at 10:30 am, 2:00 pm, and 5:30 pm.


Inner Mongolia Exhibition Center is located on the south side of Xinhua Road, east of City Mall (Mo Er Cheng)


*photos are property of Da Qing Shan Tai Wei Golf and Skiing Marketing Department, used with permission



Happy Double Eleven Day!

Today’s date is November 11th, or 11-11, or 双十一. This is a “holiday” that began in the 1990s in China to celebrate being single, but has evolved into a day of retail and restaurant discounts.

Here is a little bit of the history of the “holiday.” Quotation marks are intentional as I’m not certain the distinction is valid 🙂

And below is an advertisement from Wei Duo Li about all the restaurant specials today at Mo Er Cheng (City Mall). If it doesn’t display correctly use this link.

I think archery may also be free to females today.

I saw a lot of promotions on wechat today for getting discounts or coupons for following public accounts or sharing information on your moments.

Basically anywhere you go today, I would ask if they are having a “shuang shi yi” special. Chances are, you can save some money or get some free stuff!

If you know of a great shuang shi yi deal, let us know in the comments!


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Happy Qi Xi Day!

Today is a holiday often referred to as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, although that’s not entirely accurate. Anyway, here’s an article in English to give you an explanation of what is being celebrated today. If it doesn’t display correctly use this link. You can follow “The World of Chinese” on wechat for more articles like the one below.

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Our previous posts about Valentine’s Day and date ideas for Hohhot.

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