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another wechat group


There are a few wechat groups for foreigners in Hohhot already, however, the largest one is apparently full according to the last few people I’ve sent invitations to. I created another one today, so feel free to join us to ask questions about the city, meet other foreigners, and for those of you who have been here longer, to help the newbies out.

Thanks for your support!

We’ve gotten a number of emails this week thanking us for site. It’s nice to receive compliments and we appreciate the support!

Our facebook page also now has over 200 likes! We like to see all our numbers increasing and we’ll keep writing as long as people are reading! If you haven’t liked us yet, you can use the link in the sidebar on the right!

a personal note

Our family is out of Hohhot right now awaiting the birth of our third child. For the next month or so I make no promises about the frequency of posts or my response time to comments or emails.

I do have some new posts scheduled to post so you can count on at least a few updates, and I may repost some of our older, but more popular content.

Thanks for your understanding while we adjust to becoming a family of five!

comment contest!

We’d like to hear from you! For the next five days we’re instituting a comment contest. Leave the best comment in the next five days and you’ll win the item of your choice from our Hohhot gift selection. We’ll choose a winner for the most humorous comment and most informational comment.

Browse the old articles, read the new ones and comment away!

We’ll deliver your gift if in Hohhot or mail it if in China. Although anyone can participate in the contest, we can’t ship your gift internationally. Sorry!


Hohhot Tourist Map

I finally had a bit of time to tackle a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Here is a very simple map of Hohhot with some of the most famous places marked. I hope it can help you get around if you’re visiting or new to the city. Let me know as you find mistakes or really wish a certain place could be included or excluded.

tourist map in jpg format

tourist map


tourist map in pdf format



Also, be sure to check out our printable menu for help in ordering until you learn how to say your favorites!



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