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Hohhot Souvenir Gift Items

The gift items you can purchase on this website now have a place you can view and pick up in Hohhot!

You may view and purchase items at Xi Hua Da Sha Office 1108.

Xi Hua Da Sha is the office building on the southeast corner of Xing An and Hailar, just above Run Yu.

熙华大厦 1108

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Mugs 30 RMB or 4 for 100 RMB!

Prices vary for canvas prints, but we can custom make any size or design you want!


Mongolian Wrestling Event


Hasar is a local organization that is seeking to take Mongolian wrestling to an international level. They also have a number of gyms across the city and province and host other events from time to time. Their main event is still hosting an promoting Mongolian wrestling, also known as bokh, events.

The championships for the 2014-2015 season will be held on November 7 at the Inner Mongolia Sports Stadium.

I haven’t been to a Hasar event, but my husband says they put on a good show with singing, dancing, and other entertainers between each round of wrestling.


I haven’t been able to confirm this piece of news, but I keep hearing that Mongolian wrestling is slated to be an exhibition sport at the next Olympics. Whether it will be an exhibition sport or not, it’s still an important aspect of Mongolian culture, so check it out if you can!



Also, check out this canvas print of Mongolian wrestling and other gifts available for purchase.

wrestlers with text

Children’s English books for sale!

You You Cao has English books available for sale or rent. Customers can purchase or rent books from the flagship store on Wanda’s walking street or from two neighborhood stores between the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Top address is for Wanda, Middle address for Ju Hai Cheng, and bottom address for Jin Qiao


Some examples of available books are below:
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recent (lack of) updates

Sorry not much new has been posted on the blog. I did add a page for the photo galleries and will work on getting more of my photos up. We’ve also added more products to our gift selections.


And while I’m writing…about the spring/summer field trips:

We had one planned for tomorrow June 6th, but my partner needed to cancel it and thought that most people wouldn’t want a big outing for their kids right after a big weekend with Duan Wu Jie and Children’s Day falling on the same weekend.

So, we still will have one more field trip towards the end of June. We’ll post the information here as it gets closer. It will be the last one for the season and we’ll go to Wu Yi Shui Ku. Hope you can join us! And sorry for any inconvenience with the schedule changes and cancellations.



Hohhot Mugs

We’re increasing our Hohhot gift selections for the approaching summer months. Whether you live here but are going home for a visit this summer and need to take some gifts to family and friends, or you’re passing through our city this tourist season and want a souvenir to remember your time here, we hope you’ll like these mugs we’ve designed.

There are two styles and two designs available.

Design options

Hohhot in many languages


Yurt design with “Hohhot” in Mongolian (web address will be removed)

yurtHohhot for site

Style Options

Standard mug  40 RMB:


Plastic tumbler with lid  60 RMB:




These can be picked up at the monthly expat exchange or delivered to you home/hotel for a minimal additional fee.

Purchase a standard mug

Design Choice

Purchase a Tumbler with lid

Design Choice

Send an email to to request a discount for orders of multiple products

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Traditional Chinese Artwork

We were recently looking to reserve a meeting room and therefore checking out a number of Hohhot hotels we hadn’t been to before. One of those was the Wan Li International Hotel 万立国际酒店. It’s just south of the intersection of Xin Hua and Xinggan on the west side of the road.

If you’re interested in purchasing some traditional calligraphy or other Chinese art, they had a display on the seventeenth floor. Out of the elevators turn left, then left again and it’s the first door on the left.

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