Food Swap Hohhot

I think we all like to eat tasty, homemade treats. But, making those treats takes extra shopping time, extra preparation time, and at times, special skills to really nail the taste of home.

I’d like to start something a group of folks did in my hometown (Oklahoma City). Each month participants had a food swap. You make extra of whatever deliciousness you are making, and you get to trade with others for their deliciousness.

Here’s what I propose for Foodswap Hohhot:

  • Anyone can participate. You need to sign up in advance so we know how many items to bring. (Ten participants means you bring (and receive) nine items). If registration exceeds ten we’ll group into smaller groups for the exchange.
  • Items need to be properly packaged and labeled with storage instructions and expiration or other pertinent information.
  • Use the best quality ingredients you can find.
  • Items must be homemade


Some suggestions of types of items to bring:

  • sauces, dressings, salsas, etc
  • flavored butters, cheeses, yogurt
  • jams, jelly, other homemade canned goods
  • baked goods
  • soups
  • cereals, granola, etc
  • other delicious items that may be hard to acquire or make in Hohhot.

A portion should have 4-6 servings.


The first swap will take place in early May, perhaps at the return of the EXPAT EXCHANGE. Iif you plan to participate, you must register at least a week ahead of time for planning purposes. We’ll keep you posted on the exact date of the exchange.

For our very first swap, we are going to keep it simple while we work out all of the details. We are going to do even trades. For example, if ten swappers are participating, each should bring 9 items to trade. We also don’t want any of your hard work to go to waste, so if you have any dietary restrictions, etc. that would keep you from using any of the goods, we ask that you either give it to someone that you know would enjoy it or leave it at the swap with no hurt feelings.
Also, we hope everyone will participate with a kind and generous heart instead of having a critical attitude about the portion sizes, expense, or personal dislike of an item brought by another participant.


Here’e a link to other suggestions from the event in Oklahoma. You’ll need a VPN to access it. Many of the swapped items wouldn’t be feasible here, but just some ideas to get your creative cooking juices flowing.



See you tomorrow at the next EXPAT EXHCANGE!

We’ll see you tomorrow, April 25th, Friday evening at 6:30 for the next expat gathering. We’ll meet at the Phoenix again but talk about a potential change of venue.

See you there!

Air China Phoenix Hotel  国航大厦

2nd floor Sunshine Coffee House

6:30 pm

Menu options include the buffet for 145, spaghetti meal for 95, and set menus for 35, 65, and 80.


We’ll have another gathering THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 28 at the Air China Phoenix Hotel. Unless we receive other feedback, we’ll move the event to monthly on the last Friday of each month. RSVP to or to 18747977365 or by leaving a comment here.

Air China Phoenix Hotel Inner Mongolia 国航大厦 guo hang da sha
2nd floor Sunshine Coffee House-back corner (southwest side)
6:30 pm
(those with kids feel free to come a bit earlier if you’d like)

More menu options available

ee menu 2

Off to Mongolia

Our family is making another run for the border this week. We’ll be traveling by rented car driven by my handsome husband. Our improvement to our travel this time will be the addition of two (yes, two!) car seats for our little ones. Not having to hold a child for six hours may mean I will get to take a photo or pay attention to some of the things are passing.
This also means we won’t be able to host the EXPAT EXCHANGE this week. The Phoenix will be happy to have you, but we won’t be there. See you next week.
And Americans, don’t forget that the Embassy is hosting a town hall meeting on Wednesday.

Expat Exchange

I need your feedback! If you plan to be at the EXPAT EXCHANGE tomorrow please text 18747977365 or email We’ll meet in the evening at 6:30.

Here’s where your feedback comes in. How often should we have these events? I feel like weekly is too frequent for everyone to attend, but once a month seems like too little. Another option is every other week, which seems too hard for everyone to keep track of. So, please let us know your thoughts about how often you think we should gather.

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