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Mongolian Throat Singing

Below is the information for a Mongolian Throat Singing Festival. (called hu mai in Chinese) It will be at the Gegentala Grasslands Tourist Area on July 29 at 8:00 pm. It’s about two hours by car from Hohhot.

Here’s a map:


Information in Chinese:


中国首届“呼麦音乐节”2015年7月29日晚上20:00点在 内蒙古四子王旗格根塔拉旅游景区。订票热线 96666何经理18547114114

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Upcoming Event


International Minority Cultural Products Festival

I saw this flyer the other day for an event that will be held at the International Exhibition Center (just east of the east second ring road on Da Xue Lu) from July 24-28.

The title of the event in the International Ethnic Group Cultural Products Exhibition. I don’t have any other information and our family will be out of town, but if you go, leave us a comment and let us know how it was!


Grassland Culture Festivities

So apparently there is a holiday season approaching called “Inner Mongolia Grassland Culture Holiday. The holiday’s official dates are June 25-July 3, but some activities have already started. A complete list of activities in Chinese is available here.
I’ll do my best to translate some of them in English for you here. Again, click the link above for full details. I left out the academic forums so check the original for full listing.

June 25 and 26 at 8:00 pm the Poly Theatre will have performances.

June 25 Inner Mongolia Television will air a short film called “Our China Dream: a Wonderful Grassland Story”

June 26- 27 at 8:00 pm a dance performance at the People’s Performance Hall

June 26-27 at 8:00 pm a dance performance at the Nationalities Art Theatre

June 26th Grasslands Creative Works Exhibit at the Exhibition Center

June 26th at 3:00 and 8:00 pm a children’s performance at The Art College

June 27th at 8:00 pm another performance at the Poly Theatre

June 28th at 7:30 another performance at the Art College (in Mongolian)

June 29th and 30th, a choral performance at the Poly Theatre

June 29th and 30th, a group of performers from Wulanchab at the Nationalities Art Theatre

June 29th at 7:30 performance at the Art College (same as the 28th but this time in Chinese)

July 1st at 7:30 a performance at the Art College

July 2 and 3 at 8:00 pm performance at Nationalities Art Theatre

July 2 and 3 at 8:00 a dance performance at the People’s Performance Hall

July 3 at 7:30 a dance performance at the Poly Theatre


Be cultured! Attend some of the performances and leave us a comment to let us know how they were!

Food Swap: June 29th


We’ve talked about doing this before, but now I’ve set a date! Once we know how many will be participating, we’ll set a location to meet and a specific time. You have ten days to prepare your tasty treats! Leave a comment if you’d like to participate!


I think we all like to eat tasty, homemade treats. But, making those treats takes extra shopping time, extra preparation time, and at times, special skills to really nail the taste of home.

I’d like to start something a group of folks did in my hometown (Oklahoma City). Each month participants had a food swap. You make extra of whatever deliciousness you are making, and you get to trade with others for their deliciousness.

Here’s what I propose for Foodswap Hohhot:

  • Anyone can participate. You need to sign up in advance so we know how many items to bring. (Ten participants means you bring (and receive) nine items). If registration exceeds ten we’ll group into smaller groups for the exchange.
  • Items need to be properly packaged and labeled with storage instructions and expiration or other pertinent information.
  • Use the best quality ingredients you can find.
  • Items must be homemade


Some suggestions of types of items to bring:

  • sauces, dressings, salsas, etc
  • flavored butters, cheeses, yogurt
  • jams, jelly, other homemade canned goods
  • baked goods
  • soups
  • cereals, granola, etc
  • other delicious items that may be hard to acquire or make in Hohhot.

A portion should have 4-6 servings.
If you plan to participate, leave a comment by Saturday June 27th so the others participating can have time for planning.

For our very first swap, we are going to keep it simple while we work out all of the details. We are going to do even trades. For example, if ten swappers are participating, each should bring 9 items to trade. We also don’t want any of your hard work to go to waste, so if you have any dietary restrictions, etc. that would keep you from using any of the goods, we ask that you either give it to someone that you know would enjoy it or leave it at the swap with no hurt feelings.
Also, we hope everyone will participate with a kind and generous heart instead of having a critical attitude about the portion sizes, expense, or personal dislike of an item brought by another participant.


Here’e a link to other suggestions from the event in Oklahoma. You’ll need a VPN to access it. Many of the swapped items wouldn’t be feasible here, but just some ideas to get your creative cooking juices flowing.

Ten Hohhot News Items

There’s a news article that seems to be popular among my local friends so I thought I would share the highlights here with you, lovely readers. The article lists ten recent news items related to Hohhot. I’ll post the article in full below, but I’ll do my best to translate the headlines for you.

ONE: another expressway will open in late July in Hohhot. It will be have be 80 km of six lanes without signal lights

TWO: Subway lines one and two will be ready in 2020 according to the Metro Planning National Development and Reform Commission

THREE: Hohhot ranked 45th out of 289 cities in sustainable competitiveness

FOUR: A new landmark in Hohhot-A new bus station transport hub in the East will be ready in October

FIVE: Train service from Hohhot to Shenzhen began on May 20th (schedule included in Chinese article below)

SIX: The whole country will have a day of vacation on September 3

SEVEN: Pensions of retired personnel in Inner Mongolia increased by an average of about 10%

EIGHT: Decided! Civil Service salary will increase by 300 yuan per capita by the end of June

NINE: Good news! The education requirements for employment are being relaxed (I’m not entirely sure about my translation of this one).

TEN: A new flower garden will open in Hohhot at the end of May and entrance is free!

Read the full articles below:

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Allen Iverson in Hohhot

You read that right. I stayed up way too late last night trying to confirm or deny this Chinese news article that was on Inner Mongolia New’s wechat public account yesterday. So far, everything about the article mostly checks out.

According to the article, Allen Iverson will be at Inner Mongolia Stadium on May 25 at 7:30 pm. I can’t figure out if it’s like an exhibition game or just him or what exactly. The article states that the trip involves stops in Daqing, Harbin, Xian, and Hohhot. Allen Iverson’s twitter account (you can search for #AlChinaTour) confirms that he’s in China and makes reference to all those cities…..except Hohhot. I’d like to think that if the rest of the details of the article are true, the Hohhot appearance is as well.

The article states 3000 tickets have already been sold and are going fast at rates of 1500, 1000, 400, and 200 RMB depending on seating.

I have read other articles in Chinese that confirm the details in the article linked above, but haven’t found any English sources to confirm it.

So if it’s true, who’s going to see him? Anyone have a reliable source to confirm or deny?




Free tickets to tourist sites

Apparently May 19 has been named “China Travel Day” and because of that many local tourist locations will have free entrance tickets and others will be discounted.

The full article is in Chinese below so you can check my accuracy, but here’s the list as I read it.

Zhao Jun and Five Pagoda: half price

The General’s Quarters (the old place near gu lou): 20% off

Yili’s Travel Area will give away free products and coupons for products

Zhao Jun Museum and Xi Li Tu Temple (the small temple) will have 300 free entrance tickets each (first come, first serve)

And the Inner Mongolia Travel Service also has some kind of special about some kind of travel card, but I’m not clear on the details.

The article goes on to list the travel specials for Baotou, Alxa, Wulanchab, Xilingol, Chifeng, Tongliao, Hulunbeir, and Wuhai. If you plan to travel in the coming days, have a local friend help you check out the specials!

I can’t get the embedding to display correctly, but here’s the link to the full article in Chinese.


Mongolian Felt Art Exhibition


“Mongolian Nomads” Felt Art Exhibition


You are cordially invited to the opening ceremony of “Mongolian Nomads” Felt Art Exhibition by Mongolian artist Jagralsaikhan Tavkhi.

Date: on Sunday, 17th May, 2015 at 11:00 am

Duration: 17-19 th May 2015

Place: 3th floor, 奥都泰 Mongolian restaurant   

Adress: 新城区成吉思汗大街阳光诺卡比塞塔商业街109

See pictures and more details here. Nomads Mongolian

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