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12th Annual Inner Mongolia Food Expo

April 15-17 the Inner Mongolia International Exhibition Center is holding the 12th Annual Inner Mongolia Food Exhibition.


You can see more about the event here and here.

A few people asked in the wechat groups about the time of day it closes each day, but I couldn’t find that information on any of the sites.

And you can find all the events happening at the International Exhibition Center here.

And here is a map of where the center is.

international exhibition center

Inner Mongolia Chorus Performance

Below are some photos and videos from Inner Mongolia Chorus’s performance of international music. They performed selections from China, Russia, Germany, US, Italy, and more.
There’s another showing tonight at 8 pm at the the performance hall just north of the museum. The address is on Beiyuan Road, but that takes you to the back of the building, so walk around to the front if you enter from Beiyuan. There’s a small road just north of the museum, that round will take you to the entrance of the building, which is white with holes/small circles covering the building.
Tickets are free but you have to have one to enter.

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Mongolian Wrestling Event


Hasar is a local organization that is seeking to take Mongolian wrestling to an international level. They also have a number of gyms across the city and province and host other events from time to time. Their main event is still hosting an promoting Mongolian wrestling, also known as bokh, events.

The championships for the 2014-2015 season will be held on November 7 at the Inner Mongolia Sports Stadium.

I haven’t been to a Hasar event, but my husband says they put on a good show with singing, dancing, and other entertainers between each round of wrestling.


I haven’t been able to confirm this piece of news, but I keep hearing that Mongolian wrestling is slated to be an exhibition sport at the next Olympics. Whether it will be an exhibition sport or not, it’s still an important aspect of Mongolian culture, so check it out if you can!



Also, check out this canvas print of Mongolian wrestling and other gifts available for purchase.

wrestlers with text

going on now

The International Exhibition Center is currently hosting the Autumn and Winter Clothing Apparel Direct Selling Exhibition. The event began on the 12th and will continue through the 23rd.

The advertisement says clothing is being sold at 80% off. If you’re in the market for new clothes, sounds like you can get some great deals. Or, buy some things and sell them out of the back of your mian bao che or set up an area along the sidewalk 🙂

Here’s a map of where the Exhibition Center is.

international exhibition center

Hohhot’s Soccer/Football Team

Did you know Hohhot has a semi-professional soccer/football team? I’m not sure if “semi-professional” is the exact right term, but anyway, we have a team that plays teams from other cities and provinces.


Baidu tells me this is their official English name: Nei Monggol Zhongyou Football Club Hohhot excellent football team


The links below are press releases in Chinese if you want to translate them and learn more about the history of the team.

from North News

from NMG News


Here is the schedule for the remainder of the season:

August 15 vs Shenzhen Yu Heng

August 29 vs Yan Bian Changbai Mountain

September 19 vs Qingdao Yellow Sea Pharmaceutical

September 26 vs Xinjiang

October 24 vs Dalian A Er Bing


We haven’t made it to a game yet, but those I know who have gone have enjoyed them. I don’t know the ticket price, but I’ve heard if you show up after the second half has started there’s no fee collected.
Games are played at Hohhot’s Stadium on Genghis Khan Road. A map is below.

sports stadium

special thanks to Connie for helping me find the schedule!

Here is the link to the team’s information on baidu which includes the team’s lineup for the 2015 season.

Tenth National Minority Nationalities Traditional Sports Games

Inner Mongolia is hosting China’s National Ethnic Minority Sports Competition. The games began today and will continue through the 17th.

Here’s the official logo of the games:


The games are being held in Ordos at the Sports Stadium pictured below which is between Kangbashi and Dong Sheng.

Ordos Sports Stadium

I can’t find any English article about this year’s game in English, but here’s one from last year’s games. And here’s one in Chinese.

Mengke Bateer retiring

Mengke Bateer, an international basketball star born and raised in Inner Mongolia, is set to retire in August. If the article doesn’t display correctly below, use this link to read the article published by The Beijing Hour. It details the information about his basketball and show biz career and the details of his retirement.
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“Green Food” Exhibition-Five More Days

From today and for the next five days there’s an exhibition of locally (across Inner Mongolia) grown “green food.” When I say green food I’m translating directly from Chinese because some will say this means organically grown, but other locals are distrustful if it is truly organic. I’m not savvy enough to know what standard is used to give it the “green food” labeling but if food safety and locally grown produce are important to you, it might be a great event to check out.



As you can see from the last photo, it looks like they have non-food products as well. It might be a great chance to pick up some gifts!

Photo credit for above photos: Togtoh

The event is at the International Exhibition Center, which is just east of the East Second Ring Road on Da Xue Lu. Here’s a map:
international exhibition center

New Children’s Museum in Hohhot

Hohhot has a Children’s Museum Exhibit! This one is open for the month of August, but I think there are plans to open a permanent one.
The full information, address in Chinese, and full description of the activities are in Chinese below, but here is a brief run-down:

  • open every day in August from 9:30 to 5:30
  • location is the back side of Wang Fu Jin, first floor children’s city  王府井负一层儿童城
  • there are three main activities children can rotate through

Tomorrow is opening day! If you go, leave a comment to let us know how it was!


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