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You know those items you randomly see in Hohhot that you would NEVER be able to find if you actually went about looking for them?

We (actually our children) were given just such a gift recently.

IMG_20150923_212712 IMG_20150923_212811

These are Bible story puzzle books……………in PORTUGUESE!

If you went out looking for them, I think it would be hard to find puzzle books. It would even harder to find ones that depict Bible stories. I’ve never seen ANY kind of printed literature in this city in Portuguese. But here you have it, the trifecta of randomness purchased from a tent outside the gate of Meng Zhuan.

What’s the most random or surprising item you’ve even seen in Hohhot?

Children’s English books for sale!

You You Cao has English books available for sale or rent. Customers can purchase or rent books from the flagship store on Wanda’s walking street or from two neighborhood stores between the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Top address is for Wanda, Middle address for Ju Hai Cheng, and bottom address for Jin Qiao


Some examples of available books are below:
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Books About Hohhot

If you’re looking for some new reading material, check out the selections below:

Life Under the Eastern Sky is written by a Hohhot local and an American who has studied, worked, researched and lived in Hohhot for many years.

This book is pricy, but it is a worthwhile read if you plan to be in Hohhot awhile. It’s an anthropological look at Hohhot. It’s ten years old now, but many of the cultural observations are still accurate.

This one is about a few of China’s “frontier” cities but mentions Hohhot throughout.

And for some much lighter reading: This children’s book features a goat named “Wawa Hohhot” who travels to NYC.


What other books about Hohhot have you read? Leave a comment to recommend them!