Buying Imported Food Items


A visitor from Dalian commented on a previous post asking about import stores. I’ll share what I know, but others who know more please leave additional information in the comments.

Most of the large supermarkets (Carrefour (jia  le fu), Vanguard (wan da), Spar (mei te hao), Beijing Hualian, and Victory (wei duo li) have import sections that seem to have pasta, some cereal, pasta sauce, cookies, candy, chocolates, wine, drink mixes, and a host of other things that I don’t find particularly useful. Most of those larger stores also have a small selection of cheese in the diary section.

There are many small import shops throughout the city, but most sell things Chinese people would buy as gifts (crackers, cookies, candies, etc) more than products that foreigners want to cook with. Below is baidu’s map of what pulls up when one searches for import stores:

Some worth noting:
-Jenny’s is marked at point F on the above map. It’s the most well-known and has canned goods, cheeses, tortillas, pizza crust, cereal, etc.
-The basement of Wei Duo Li International Plaza (West of Spar) (corner of Xin Hua and Xing An) has an import store also.
-It didn’t map, but there is another small import store on the north/south road on the east side of Wan Da.
-Dong Wa Yao (东瓦窑). This is a wholesale market. There’s more about this market specifically at this post.
Other unverified information that needs help from our lovely readers:
-There was an imports store on the second floor of the big Minzu Supermarket downtown on Zhong Shan Lu. Is it still there? (You had to enter from the west side, not the main door on the south side)
-There was a restaurant supply store on the outskirts of town in a hu tong/ping fang style building on the northwest side of town. Is it still there? I heard it had a very large selection that included turkeys for Thanksgiving.That’s all I know, folks. I hope to have really good news for you all after the holiday about online shopping, but until then, enjoy running around town to find what you need!


  1. Marty says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this information together, its very helpful. Also SOSM supermarkets, have a good import section, there is one near the culture market. Cheers Marty

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