Buying Import Items: Dong Wa Yao

This is an update to a previous post about the locations of import items.

Here is more information about the fourth listing on that post called Dong Wa Yao. It is a wholesale market on the south of Erdos Road, west of Zhao Wu Da and across the street from the Hai Hang Da Jiu Dian.

There are at least three shops inside the market where imported items can be bought. If you’ve never been there, once you get there, you will think that I have surely directed you to the wrong place. It’s not the nicest place and on a rainy/muddy day it’s even worse.

The shop most foreigners seem to frequent is called Bai Xiang. From the north gate of the complex turn right (west) and the shop is a few stalls down on your right. They have freezers out front and a small shop with shelves of tasty things inside. Cream cheeses, mozzarella cheese, bacon, and other products are in the freezers outside.

Inside are all kinds of canned goods and other non-perishable items.

I don’t have a picture, but will add one next time I’m there.


Here are another two shops to try also located at/near dong wa yao.

This store is south of the east gate of the market on the west side of the street. Xi Can Yuan Liao Da Quan


This one is a McCormick spice distributor so they have a large selection of spices. But that’s not even the best part…..cheddar cheese. They have cheddar cheese, but it’s pricy at 40 RMB/jin and only sold in large blocks. All of  sudden I can’t remember if it was 5 or 10 kg. They also have some high quality fresh mozzarella, cereal, canned goods, and other stuff. Beware of the price tags….they are marked for buying in bulk so if you’re just buying a few things the price will be higher than what is written on the tag.


This one is located somewhere in the middle of the market. I have no idea how to explain the directions to get there. Just wander around until you find it???


This one caters mainly to the tea/smoothie/coffee drink shops in town so they have all the ingredients for making those specialty drinks, smoothies, etc. They also have some frozen chicken sandwiches, french fries, and other ready-to-eat products.

The last one isn’t at dong was yao, it’s on Wu Lan Cha Bu East Road, between Zhan Dong Lu and Zhan Xi Lu on the north side.


This store has products from Russia. And twix candy bars. who knew? There is a large selection of chocolates, waffles, some cereals, and gifts products from Russia.

What have I left out? Leave a comment if you have another recommendation.



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