Best Local Food from the Local’s Perspective: Part One

A few months back two lists of “Hohhot’s Best Food” circulated widely on wechat.  One list had 42 places and the other had 46, but a few were duplicated. I deleted one entry which I found to be in poor taste (the joke made, not the food). Between the two lists if there was overlap, I deleted the duplications. Due to the length, I will also separate them into smaller segments. And, if I get enough time, I’ll even try to map them for you.

I would love to attribute them to an author, so if you know who wrote it, please leave a comment or email. I take no credit for the Chinese listing, but the translation into English (and any resulting errors) are my own. For most place names and restaurant names I used pin yin unless there is a common English name.

Leave a comment if you try any of these specific places.

呼市好吃的地方! Hohhot’s Delicious Restaurants!

1、师大西巷老百姓饭馆手擀面超好吃 Shi Da West Alley Lao Bai Xing Fan Dian shou la mian (hand pulled noodles) are super good.

2、美术馆西巷中段天津包子。Art Gallery West Alley middle section: Tian Jin Bao Zi

3、幸福小区里有个乌兰花烩菜原杂碎馆,烩菜好吃还有土豆包子,馒头是自己现蒸的。Inside Xin Fu Xiao Qu there is a Wu Lan Hua Hui Cai Yuan Za Sui Guan which has great Hui Cai and Potato Boa Zi and Man Tou made fresh.

4、草原明珠北巷里的大东北,炒菜很好!我喜欢喝那里的玉米大碴粥 On Cao Yuan Ming Zhu North Alley there is a restaurant called Da Dong Bei that has great stir fry. The author also recommends the corn porridge.

5、草原明珠往北一点,香溪牛肉粉。From the previous restaurant go north just a bit to Xiang Xi Niu Rou Fen. (Niu rou fen is a kind of noodles with beef)

6、人民巷里有个回民烩菜馆。蒙专对面有个伊盟烩菜都很好吃的。On Ren Min Road there is a Hui Min Hui Cai Guan. Across from Meng Zhuan (Hohhot Nationalities College) there’s a Yi Meng Hui Cai . Both have great Hui Cai.

7、乡土居闷钢丝面好吃,别家都没有,还有莜面煮鱼子呢,凉菜里的土豆泥很好吃,别的也很好吃。Xiang Tu Ju “men gang si mian” (a noodle dish) is delicious and other places don’t have it. There cold dishes are also good.

8、老绥远的烧卖不错,还有是清晨源的,那地方烧卖油不大,再就是超艺楼啦!我感觉油很大,咬一口都喷啦!不过半夜12点去那吃烧卖很爽!Lao Sui Yuan’s has good shao mai. The author recommends going there to eat shao mai at midnight.

10、披萨要属海亮的米斯特披萨啦,有款海鲜披萨边里加的是薯蓉,这个贵。To eat pizza you should try Hai Liang’s Mi Si Te Pizza. They have  a seafood pizza with mashed potatoes but it’s expensive. *Again, I’m just the translator!

11    金宇文苑南口麻辣诱惑,凉粉非常的好吃,每次去点两份,里面配料还有小麻花呢。Jin Yu Wen Yuan’s south gate/entrance has good mala tang. The author orders two servings each time and likes the sauce/seasoning that comes with it. There’s a chain shao kao restaurant on Hailar West Road called ngmào chuàn chéng Yan Ji Lian suo dian. The flavor isn’t too strong and the beer is good.

12、新世纪巷子里的老上居,那的卷饼不错。New Century (Xin Shi Ji) Alley’s Lao Shang Ju has good juan bing. (like a burrito)

13、锡林南路小学斜对面有个比发餐厅,招牌菜尖椒马板肠。Diagonally across from Xi Lin Guo Le South Road Elementary School there is a Bi Fa Can Ting. There signature dish is peppered horse intestines. *again, just the translator!

14、四千米巷子里好在来小饭馆的平锅带鱼、砂锅烩菜、猪皮炒黄豆超好吃还有锅贴。On Four Thousand Meter Alley (Si Qian Mi Xiang) there’s a small place called “Hao Zai Lai.” They have good fish (dai yu), Hui Cai, and pig skinned stir fried with soy beans (zhu pi chao huang dou).

15、回民区卫生局北面有个阿丹豆芽炒面,人很多,每次都需要排队,没有菜单只有三样炒面、汤、羊肉串,串也很好吃的。North of the Hui District Sanitation Department there’s a A Dan Dou Ya Chao Mian. (stir fried noodles with bean sprouts). There’s always lots of people and you always have to wait in line. There’s no menu, they just have 3 kinds of stir-fried noodles, soup, and mutton kabobs. (yang rou chuanr)


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