Best Local Food from the Local Perspective, Part Three

Many months back two lists of “Hohhot’s Best Food” circulated widely on wechat. One list had 42 places and the other had 46. I would love to attribute them to an author, so if you know who wrote it, please leave a comment or email. I take no credit for the Chinese listing, but the translation into English (and any resulting errors) are my own. For most place names and restaurant names I used pin yin unless there is a common English name. I deleted one entry which I found to be in poor taste (the joke made, not the food). Between the two lists if there was overlap, I deleted the duplications. Due to the length, I will also separate them into smaller segments. And, if I get enough time, I’ll even try to map them for you.

This post is the third installment. Find the first one here and the second one here.

Leave a comment if you try any of these specific places.


31 北马神庙街的田林川蒜瓣鱼 ,炒菜也很好吃的。

North Ma Shen Miao Jie’s (Tián lín chuān suàn bàn yú*) has good stir fry. *sorry, not sure if this is the restaurant name or the name of the dish

32 北马神庙街的大韩门韩餐的拌饭和年糕炒拉面很好吃,韩式炒菜味道都不错,烤肉就更没的说了,生菜上放点米饭再放上烤好的五花肉,记得沾上酱哦,把它们卷起来,放进嘴里那感觉

On North Ma Shen MIao Jie there’s Da Han Men. Their ban fan (rice in a clay pot) and rice cakes stir fried with noodles are good. Their Korean style stir fry is good and the grilled meat is even better. The author recommends eating the grilled meat wrapped in lettuce with a little rice and sauce.

33 黄金支队北面天和园的回勺面很好吃

North of Huang Jin there’s a place called Tian He Yuan. They have good hui shao mian. (A kind of stir fried noodles).

34 党委后院门口小东北饸烙面!

At the gate of the courtyard behind the Dang Wei there’s a small dong bei restaurant with great he lao mian.

35  西餐自助要属香格里拉了,服务好,牛排不错,三文鱼切的是厚片,口感非常好,茶、冰激凌等都是进口的。

For Western buffets, there is the Shang-ri-la. The service is good, the steaks are not bad, the salmon is cut thick and tasty, the tea and ice cream are imported.

36   护城河巷里铁锅炖鸡,是手指鸡,吃的就是个鲜,鸡吃的差不多时煮上腐竹、鲜蘑、豆腐,再来碗米饭,把汤一浇,那叫个香啊。

Hu Cheng He Alley has clay pot chicken that is fresh and tasty with tofu, mushrooms, rice, and soup.

37   长乐宫后巷邮电小区门口西侧有家西安油泼面超好吃,就是没肉,旁边有不老神鸡先买根香肠,有肉的感觉真好

Behind Chang Le Gong there is You Dian Xiao Qu, on the west alley there is a place that makes great Xi’an you po mian (noodles), but there’s no meat. But, next door there’s a Bu Lao Shen Chicken place, Get some chicken, it’s better to go with the noodles.

38  二十九中斜对面天和公寓西巷有家水竹园,特色就是竹笋类还有烤鱼,竹笋都是新鲜运来的。

Diagonal from the 39 Middle School’s Tian He Gong Yu’s west alley there’s a Jia Shui Zhu Yuan. There specialty is a grilled fish with bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are shipped fresh.

39 水竹园斜对面老崔包子,我打小就吃这家的煎包子,你说好还是不好呢。

Diagonal from Shui Zhu Yuan there’s Lao Cui Bao Zi. It’s just like eating bao zi at home.

40  烟草华联家兴小区门口南侧水煮羊,羊肉是越煮越嫩,小料的味道是相当的好,别家没的比。

At the south side of the gate of Yan Cao Hua Lian’s Jiao Xing Xiao Qu there’s Shui Zhu Yang. The mutton is tender and the sauces are great…can’t compare to other places.

41  日报社后巷米粮川,这的焖面油不大味道还好。  现在开了好几家分店)

Behind the Ri Bao She there’s Mi Liang Chuan. Their men mian is good without being oily. Now they have opened many other locations.

There are still a few installments of this list to come, so check back soon!

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    Da Han Men, #32, is really great. I can highly recommend it.

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