Best Food from the Local’s Perspective, Part Two

A few months back two lists of “Hohhot’s Best Food” circulated widely on wechat.  One list had 42 places and the other had 46, but a few were duplicated. I deleted one entry which I found to be in poor taste (the joke made, not the food). Between the two lists if there was overlap, I deleted the duplications. Due to the length, I will also separate them into smaller segments. And, if I get enough time, I’ll even try to map them for you.

I would love to attribute them to an author, so if you know who wrote it, please leave a comment or email. I take no credit for the Chinese listing, but the translation into English (and any resulting errors) are my own. For most place names and restaurant names I used pin yin unless there is a common English name.

Leave a comment if you try any of these specific places or if you have another place to recommend.

18. 健康街清香饭店羊骨头还是这里的好吃。Jian Kang Jie Qing Xiang Restaurant has delicious mutton bones.

19. 五塔寺北街胖胖麻辣烫旁边的韩餐馆特色护心肉,味道不错。On 5 Pagoda North Road (Wu Ta Si Jie) next to Pang Pang Ma La Tang, there is a Korean Restaurant with a specialty dish with great flavor.

20. 北二环李大姐热炕头,那的牛骨头也特别好吃还有厚烙饼。On the North Second Ring Road Li Da Jie Re Kang Tou’s beef bones and lao bing (pancake like food) are great.

21. 新体育场的西贝莜面,当然是莜面不错啦~还有就是学府花园西门的联华超市里卖的莜面,很多人都喜欢吃,尤其是师大的老师跟学生!Near the new sports stadium the Xi Bei You Mian has great you mian. There’s also great you mian at the Lian Hua Supermarket near the west gate of Xue Fu Hua Yuan. Many people like it, especially Shi Da teachers and students.

22.  金宇文苑南口,粥底火锅很好,牛肉丸、豆腐丸煮完丸子后的粥味道很好喝的 On Jin Ning Wen Yuan South End (Yellow Street), Zhou Di Hot Pot is very good. They have beef and tofu balls which flavor the zhou nicely to drink the soup after you finish eating.

23.  金宇文苑那一条小吃街,里面有家卖烤鸡翅的好像也不错,还有新疆饭馆的炒面,好像叫红石榴??记不清了 On Jin Ning Wen Yuan, (Yellow Street) a small road with many small eating shops, there’s a place that sells roasted chicken wings that’s good. Also a Xin Jiang Restaurant (called Red Pomegranate hong shi liu) with great stir-fried noodles.

24. 吉祥斋的鱿鱼虾锅超好吃 Ji Xiang Zhai’s fish and seafood pot is delicious.

25.  海关后面有家铜火锅,羊肉是锡盟的,大片手切肉,嫩的很。Behind the Custom’s Building there’s a hot pot place. Their mutton comes from Xi Meng and is cut by hand. It’s really tender!

26. 铁二中后巷没过桥的那个巷子里第一家饭店的什锦火锅, 名字忘了,味道不错外配有蒜醋,这个一般饭店很少有,主食烤馒头,烤包子是土豆包子。On the road behind the #2 middle school before the bridge there is a Shi Jin Hot Pot restaurant. The taste is great and comes with garlic and vinegar. Most restaurants don’t have roasted man tou and roasted potato bao zi.
27. 胜利路的“金满盈”火锅,传统铜锅 肉切的很到位,关键是调料非常地道,韭菜花十分可口。Sheng Li Road “Jin Man Pan” Hot Pot has copper hot pots, well-cut meat, and the accompanying sauces are authentic and delicious.

28. 还有就是小肥羊啦!每天人都很多,就是吃完了三天身上都是涮羊肉味!Xiao Fei Yang is also great and there are many people there every day. After you eat there you’ll smell like mutton for three days!

29. 贝尔羊杂碎,位置在光华街,艺校后面,早上营业,开到下午2点关,早上去了通常会没有座位,特点:辣而香 Bei Er Yang Za Sui (Sheep Entrails) is on Guang Hua Jie behind the Art College. They open early in the morning and stay open until 2 am. There specialty is spicy and savory food.

28.  胜利路东口道北羊杂碎,是自己端着碗到处找座的,服务员很拧!不过味道好 On Sheng Li Road at the east end there is a Bei Yang Za Sui (Sheep Entrails) It’s hard to find a seat and the servers are stubborn, but the food is tasty.

29 电信三分局那的德盛斋大盘鸡味特正,吃了这么多就那的好吃。Near the Dian Xin San Fen Ju (telecommunications division on Xin Hua in Hui Min Qu) there is De Pan Zhai. Their Big Chicken Platter (da pan ji, a Xin Jiang specialty) is great.

30   五塔寺北街巷子里的胖胖麻辣烫,很出名,就是比别的地方贵!但是很好吃 On 5 Pagoda North Road (Wu Ta Si Jie) there’s a Pang Pang Ma La Tang. It’s really famous and delicious but it’s more expensive than other places (than other ma la tang places).


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  1. weibaili says:

    I’ve been to 19 and 23. When I went to 19 with a local friend, they asked us immediately if we wanted the “Hohhot’s Best Food Special” and we said yes. It was pretty tasty, although I’m not certain what exactly it was.
    I’ve been to both Xin Jiang Restaurants on Yellow Street and both are good. The one on the east side of the road is owned by Xinjiang Uighurs, the one of the west side of the street is owned by Xinjiang Mongols.

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