Aertai Amusement Park 阿尔泰游乐园

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Our family took a much needed half-day off from our normal routine today. We decided to take our girls to Aertai Amusement Park to enjoy the nice weather. If you haven’t been there, I hope this post will be helpful to you.

Aertai Park is located on Xing An North Road in the north central park of town. You can see the tall ferris wheel from many vantage points in the city.

There are amusement park type rides such as a ferris wheel, small roller coasters, a log ride, carousels, and others. Other than those there are the normal attractions offered at most parks in China such as paddle boats, electric cars, a playground and an area to take photos in costumes with stuffed animals. This park is large, but there are carts for rent if you don’t want to walk. There is also an indoor roller skating rink.

There is a photo gallery below where you can scroll through and see pictures of the attractions. There is also a picture of the price list. Most of the activities are about 15 RMB/person. You can’t pay with cash. You need to get a card at the front gate or at one of the appropriate booths located throughout the park. You have to keep a 15 RMB deposit on the card that you can’t spend. (So, if plan to spend 50 RMB, you need to put 65 RMB on the card).

And lest you think I only include the beautiful things of Hohhot and exclude the rest, I included a picture looking down at the lake, which was full of trash 🙁


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  1. Bucktooth says:

    The roller coaster actually has one loop and I think one inverted twist. Ride at your own risk. 🙂

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