Additions to Plain White Rice

Maybe all of you knew this already, but since I didn’t I thought it might be useful to share. I’m not sure about your country, but in America rice cookers are not standard issue kitchen equipment. We had one, but only at the request of the Asian students we hosted in our home.
Anyway, since being here I’ve learned there are many additions you can add to your rice in the rice cooker which may help add some variety to your meals. Here are few suggestions:

  • Xiao mi 小米 millet can be added to the rice with no change to the cooking. We normally add a handful or two.
  • Black rice and brown rice can be added, but I advise you to cook them half way first. I normally make a large serving of one of these, halfway done, then put it in the fridge or freezer and add a bit each time we make plain rice until it’s gone. If cooked halfway, you can add them as normal with rice with no changes to water amount.
  • Sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, taro, or any other root-type vegetable I suppose. We first had this at a local friend’s house with purple sweet potatoes. My girls love it so we do this often. Just peel and cut your favorite of the list above into large chunks and place them on top of the rice. Add just a bit more water than usual. Add the purple sweet potatoes on top of the rice and you’ll add variety and extra nutrition to your meal!




What it looked like when I put it in the rice cooker


Adding sweet potatoes to rice

Adding sweet potatoes to rice

finished product


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