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We are now a family of five who have been living here off and on since 2002 (Jill) and 2006 (James). We have both studied and worked previously and now own a company here. Our daughters are 4, 2 1/2 and a newborn.



You can read more about us and our family’s adventures here in Hohhot using the following links:

Why We Created This Site

Why I Call Hohhot Home

Top Ten Things We’ve Experienced Here




You can contact us at jill@hohhotinfo.com or by leaving a comment. We generally respond within 2-3 days, if not sooner. We welcome your comments and feedback.




  1. JieNing says:

    I’ll be visiting Hohhot later this month. My spouse will be working and I’ll have time on my own. Do you have any suggestions where I could study Chinese? Or have any other suggestions for me while I’m at loose ends? 谢谢,洁宁

  2. JieNing says:

    Either would be welcome. I’ll probably have a student from the university to practice speaking, so something a little more formal would be helpful.

  3. weibaili says:

    I’ll check on some things and get back to you. Can you leave your email address here or send an email to me at jill@hohhotinfo.com?

  4. Nate Lin says:

    Hey Weibaili
    It is very great to see this website. I am so touched to see that you call Huhhot as “home”. I have been leaving my hometown huhhot for almost 8 years. I was studying Holland for years and now I am still working here. I miss my hometown and parents so much. Maybe I am going back to Huhhot at this coming new year, I mean go back forever. So if you need any help with your life in Huhhot, you are feel free to contact me by email. I would like to meet your family(specially your lovely children) when I am back to Huhhot. Just keep in touch!
    Wish all the best to your family!

  5. Nate says:

    Hey weibaili
    How are you? It’s been a long time!
    I just came back from Europe, and I would like to run an educational institution in Hohhot, just teach kids engish. I don’t know if you have any interest in it?
    Moreover, I have friend who ask me to get him a English teach in order to improve his kid English(IELTS, Oral and writing specificlly). It dosen’t need to be full time, just few hours per week. If you are interested in it or some of your friend are, please contact me asap. (Email:tdyssg@hotmail.com wechat:q30588645 qq:30588645)
    I’m looking forward to your reply and see you around.

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