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New Children’s Museum in Hohhot

Hohhot has a Children’s Museum Exhibit! This one is open for the month of August, but I think there are plans to open a permanent one.
The full information, address in Chinese, and full description of the activities are in Chinese below, but here is a brief run-down:

  • open every day in August from 9:30 to 5:30
  • location is the back side of Wang Fu Jin, first floor children’s city  王府井负一层儿童城
  • there are three main activities children can rotate through

Tomorrow is opening day! If you go, leave a comment to let us know how it was!


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hail in July

I’ve seen a lot of crazy weather in Hohhot, but I’ve never seen hail in July. I actually still haven’t since we’re not in town right now. But, the hail shower pictures, videos, and laments of dented cars were the main topic of wechat yesterday.


I think the hail is especially unusual because we’re technically in “san fu tian” which are the hottest days of summer according to the lunar calendar and traditional beliefs. This year the “dog days of summer” fall between July 13 and August 22, which is 10 days longer than the usual 30 days.

I guess Hohhot’s hailstorm didn’t get the message.

Mongolian Throat Singing

Below is the information for a Mongolian Throat Singing Festival. (called hu mai in Chinese) It will be at the Gegentala Grasslands Tourist Area on July 29 at 8:00 pm. It’s about two hours by car from Hohhot.

Here’s a map:


Information in Chinese:


中国首届“呼麦音乐节”2015年7月29日晚上20:00点在 内蒙古四子王旗格根塔拉旅游景区。订票热线 96666何经理18547114114

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hotels in Inner Mongolia

Just a word of reminder or maybe as a PSA or something…not all hotels can accept foreign guests and we seem to be in a season of it being a bit more difficult as a foreigner to stay in a lower budget hotel.

We’ve done some traveling this summer and even a hotel in Si Zi Wang Qi where we had stayed previously turned us away this time, as did 2 others. When you’re in small Qi centers, sometimes only the largest, nicest hotel will be able to accept foreign guests.

It seems like these restrictions may be tightening in Hohhot as well. Recently while making bookings for some friends coming to visit us here in Hohhot, we had the same problem with even chain hotels (7 Days and Hanting) either truly not being allowed to house foreign guests or not wanting to go to the trouble.

Have you ever been turned away from a hotel?

Or, what is the worst, lowest-quality hotel you were allowed to stay at that maybe you wished they hadn’t allowed you to? My husband is certain he’ll win this little comparison.

Hohhot’s Subway

I’m sure you’ve heard that Hohhot is expected to begin construction on a subway system. The article below gives more details of where the city is in the construction process.

Survey work began on May 30 and official construction is set to begin in August 2015. The entire plan will include five lines, but two will be constructed with the first phase. Lines 1 and 2 are expected to be ready for use in 2020.

See the full article below for more details and for maps of the anticipated lines.


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Hohhot’s Water Shortage

I’ll embed the full article below, but here is a link to an article from earlier in the month about the shortage in Hohhot drinking water supply. According the the headline, the shortage is already very severe and that everyday 200,000 tons of water from the Yellow River is being added to the drinking water supply.

The article explains the process of cleaning the water from the heavily polluted river and assures the public it is safe to drink.

The article ends with some small ways we can all conserve water. The author’s suggestions are:

  • rinse your rice first, use that water to wash your face, then wash your feet, then wash your socks, then use that water to flush the toilet.
  • wash your clothes, then use that water to mop the floor, then flush the toilet (first picture)
  • take a shower with your kid (second picture)
  • use rain water to wash your car (third picture)

What do you think? Is it scary to think about Yellow River water being put into the city water supply? Is water conservation already a habit? If not, will you implement any of the strategies above?
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comment contest!

We’d like to hear from you! For the next five days we’re instituting a comment contest. Leave the best comment in the next five days and you’ll win the item of your choice from our Hohhot gift selection. We’ll choose a winner for the most humorous comment and most informational comment.

Browse the old articles, read the new ones and comment away!

We’ll deliver your gift if in Hohhot or mail it if in China. Although anyone can participate in the contest, we can’t ship your gift internationally. Sorry!


How savvy are you?

This article made me feel good about myself, specifically about being in-the-know about Chinese social media buzzwords.

The article gives explanations for the top five buzz words for the first half of 2015. I already knew about 3/5 so I figured that’s not too bad. The article is from a wechat public account to help foreigners learn Chinese. You can follow them at: wechat ID chinesetimeschool.

Other than the five listed in the article, what trends are you following? What big ones do you think they left off the list?

The only one I can think of not included on the list was the trend for girls (and apparently dudes with a large businessman belly) to take photos of themselves trying to reach around their backs and touch their belly button. If you don’t know that one, here’s an article about it.

I’ll embed it below, but if it doesn’t display correctly use the link above.
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Upcoming Event


International Minority Cultural Products Festival

I saw this flyer the other day for an event that will be held at the International Exhibition Center (just east of the east second ring road on Da Xue Lu) from July 24-28.

The title of the event in the International Ethnic Group Cultural Products Exhibition. I don’t have any other information and our family will be out of town, but if you go, leave us a comment and let us know how it was!


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