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What Taxi Drivers Have to Say in Hohhot

I’ve been noticing recently how much the conversation I have with taxi driver’s has changed over the last few years. Read what I wrote about it for the Beijing Review:

During both of my previous stints living in Hohhot (2002-04 and 2006-07), every time I took a taxi the conversation between the cab driver and myself was largely the same. He or she would ask where I was from. I would respond that I was from America. He or she would then say that America is so prosperous and developed—why would I come to such a backward, undeveloped city like Hohhot? I would generally respond that I thought it was developing very quickly, he or she would agree, and then move on to inquire about why I wasn’t yet married.

Read the rest of the article by clicking this link. is one!

Today is officially one year since our first post went live. Happy Anniversary to us!

Here’s a brief look at our year in review:

Last year when we began on July 18th, we had 67 viewers those remaining two weeks in July. This year, we generally have 4000-5000 viewers a month.

We started with that first blog post and have been slowly increasing our content since then. We now have 20 pages and 189 blog posts.

The pages that get the most views (other than the home page/blog) are the forum and the travel page.

The post that received the most comments was this one (Although we lost those comments when we moved servers, so you’ll just have to take my word for it). Who knew used furniture would be such a hot topic?

The funniest thing that someone typed in a search engine that actually found this site was: Hohhot belly dancing. Crazily enough those words are actually in this post I wrote about finding a gym.


What would you like to on the site in the next year? Or, did you have a favorite post from the past year that didn’t get mentioned? Leave us a comment to let us know.




away for a bit…

Well, my family and I made an unexpected trip back home to the States. We’ll be here through the summer. I’ll try to continue updating, but the posts will decrease in frequency for a bit.

I’ll also try to work on updating some of the other pages, and I’ll post here when I get something accomplished.

I hope you summer travelers enjoy our city and province and continue leaving comments and sending emails if there’s any question I can answer for you.