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你要更多的外国人来你的地方做客吗? 我们能帮助你!

居住在呼和浩特的很多外国朋友非常希望能够很快融入到当地的生活和习俗中去, 但是初来乍到由于受到语言限制而常常遇到麻烦。而这方面能够有所帮助的英文信息又寥寥无几。我们的目标是要打造呼和浩特最大的向外国人提供服务的英文信息平台!我们可以为您的产品塔建巨大的展台,我们的网站将把您的产品充分地展示给世界各国人,通过我们的网站您的产品将于世界零据离。

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Why I Call Hohhot Home

As a university student, I knew I wanted to spend a few years abroad after graduation, although I had no specific idea where in the world I would go. I ended up in Hohhot, capital city of north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, because a friend of a friend had studied at Inner Mongolia University and introduced me to the language study program there. I had this idea that being in China wasn’t remote enough or cool enough to have the kinds of adventurous tales I wanted to have upon my return to the United States, but somehow “Inner Mongolia” seemed like it might offer those kinds of exploits. Little did I know that moving to Hohhot would also mean that the next 11 years would be spent thinking of increasingly clever ways to explain that I do, in fact, live in China and not in the country of Mongolia. My current explanation usually involves this analogy: Inner Mongolia is to China as New Mexico is to the United States.
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How about you? Why do you call Hohhot home? Or do you? Do you see yourself as passing through or as a member of the community? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



I apologize for lack of updates these days. We made an unplanned visit to Beijing to get medical care for my husband. It was more of an ordeal than we had planned so taking care of him and our girls has taken all my time. But while we’re here I’ll try to post some things I’ve learned about Beijing that will be helpful for your future visits here.

Also, the Expat Exchange will resume next week on Friday Feb 28th. We’ll see you then!

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