10 Strange Things about Hohhot


This circulated wildly on wechat/wei xin a few months back.  My rough translation is next to the original.  Mine doesn’t rhyme, but the original language does.
呼市第一怪,打车付钱加一块。Taxi drivers always add one kuai to the meter fare
呼市第二怪,街头烧烤人人爱。  Everyone loves eating shaokao (barbeque) on the street
呼市第三怪,公交没有牛车快。 Buses are slower than ox carts
呼市第四怪,广场绿地尽种菜。Green areas in squares/plazas always grow vegetables*
呼市第五怪,修路没有扒的快。Roads are torn up faster than they are repaired
呼市第六怪,茅屋旁边高楼盖。 Skyscrapers are next to thatch roof houses
呼市第七怪,道路适合拉力赛。Roads are like an endurance race
呼市第八怪,焙子羊杂真不赖。Beizi and sheep entrails are good eating
呼市第九怪,繁华路段尽乞丐。Bustling streets have beggars
呼市第十怪,钱包电车丢得快。Wallets and electric bikes are frequently get lost**
再外加一条:呼市晚报早上卖。 Evening newspapers are sold in the morning

* baidu’s translation of this is “Square green as vegetables.”  It’s the only one of the ten I just don’t get
**”lost” in this case means “lost” to the owner and “found”  by the thief

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